1962 Lotus 25  F1

An early brainchild of Chapman's fertile mind, the original sketches for the car were made on napkins while Chapman discussed his idea while dining out with Frank Costin (designer of Vanwall, Lotus Mk.8, 9, 10, 11 and Lotus 16 bodies, The unveiling of the 25 at Zandvoort in 1962 was a shock for the competition,

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.

Dieter Rams

Fender Stratocaster

As well as its fitness for purpose as a musical instrument the Fender Stratocaster is a thing of beauty. Leo Fender, born in California in 1909, was an inventor. He took up musical instrument manufacturing during the 1940s and first introduced the concept of a solid-bodied amplified guitar. The design remains basically unchanged to this day

Lotus Elan

The Lotus Elan was produced by Lotus Cars both as a convertible and a fixed head coupé. In 1973 Lotus announced that the last Elan had been built. In just over ten years 12,224 Elans had been produced, plus some 5200 +2 models

Lotus Seven.

The Lotus Seven is a small, simple, lightweight two-seater open-top sports car produced by Lotus Cars between 1957 and 1972. It was designed with the Lotus philosophy of performance through light weight and simplicity. The original model was highly successful with more than 2,500 cars sold,


The Prisoner.

The series follows a British former secret agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village resort, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job. ..


Ibanez is a Japanese guitar brand Based in Japan, They were one of the first Japanese musical instrument companies to gain a significant foothold in import guitar sales in the United States and Europe,

Mini Cooper S.

In 1963, racing specialist John Cooper helped BMC to convert the Mini into a performance small car. The resultant Mini Cooper got a larger 997cc engine with 55  Top speed raised to 85 mph. 2 years later came the Mini Cooper S with a 1071cc 70 hp engine and later a 1275cc 76 hp engine, good for nearly 100 mph and 0-60 mph in just over 10 seconds.

Eric Clapton :-

"It's not about technique, it's not about what instrument you play or how many strings it's got, or how fast you can play or how loud it is. It's about how it feels and how it makes you feel when you play".

Team Lotus.

1954 TEAM LOTUS IS SET UP The team comes into being. With the Mark 8, with which they could enter international motor racing, they become an overnight success. On the racing scene, Chapman’s tendency to seek out loopholes in the regulations and to innovate begins, and this will later lead him to become known as both a maverick and a genius
First entry: 1958 Monaco Grand Prix
Last entry:1994 Australian Grand Prix